Thursday, September 25, 2014



There are ways a reader can talk about a book they're enjoying. Today in class you learned that there are 4 ways to communicate their thoughts about a book.

  1. Readers share passages that especially drew them in/a feeling. "THIS MAKES ME FEEL(TMMF)."
  2. Readers share parts in which they're really envision. They make a mental movie in their mind. "I am picturing". 
  3. Readers share a part where they were really confused on what was going on. "I'm confused..."
  4. Readers work with a partner on a tricky word. "I think _____ means_____."
Tonight, you and a guardian are going to share and talk about a book you're reading. Each person will need post-its, book, and pencil. 
  • Find a quiet room with reading partner.
  • Students, go over the list above with your reading partner so they understand what to do. 
  • Ask he/she if they have any questions. 
  • Set a timer for 12 minutes. 
  • Each person reads quietly. While they're reading they should employ one of the strategies mentioned above. Students, don't forget to go over the strategies with the guardian; that's very important.
  • Mark up your book with post-its. Fill your particular section with post-its. 
  • After the 12 minutes share your thinking with your partner. Show them your post-its inside the book. Have a great discussion and watch the learning unfold. 
NOW IT'S TIME TO DOCUMENT YOUR WORK ON BLOGGER. Take a picture and upload to Blogger if you can. If not write down some of your discoveries that you and your partner made. Let the Blogger community know the book and author as well. I'll be very flexible with the comments on Blogger tonight. I just want to see some proof of the work/discoveries/strategies. You and your guardian can decide how and what you'd like to post. 

Off you POST!


  1. I showed my mom the book Artemis Fowl. We discovered many things about the book.
    1. Artemis is extremely greedy. He was so greedy that even after he realized that he shot Holly and that she was in pain, he kept scheming. He even made Butler make a diversion, which could have gotten him in jail.
    2. Artemis is really concieted . He treats Butler like he doesn’t matter. All he wants is Holly’s gold.
    3. Butler is really determined. He always does exactly what Artemis tells him. We hope that Butler will finally be respected in the future.

  2. 1 I said I think the word recall means remember
    2 My dad said I think the word habit means attached to something

  3. I showed my mum the book "Lily Alone" and we came up with a lot of post-its. These are just some of them.
    1. We think Lily's mum is very stressed because she has 4 kids and she needs to take care of them all by herself.
    2. We were confused because Lily said her littlest sister had a dad called Paul, and her younger twin sibling had a dad called Mickey. So we were confused because we don't know how many husbands Lily's mum had.
    3. I think off- licence means a place where you get alcohol.

  4. in the book, "joey pigza loses contro,l" i found the following items to discuss:
    1) dad said i didn't have to take medicine (the patch) anymore. that's bold and concerning for joey.
    2) i have same feelings as joey by wanting to put the patch back on, but can't.
    3) i believe pestered means bugging someone.

    keith (charlie's dad) read the lost gate by orson scott card and had the following thoughts:
    1) since i haven't picked up this book in a couple of months, i was confused on the storyline, but was able to pick it up while i read for the 12 minutes. ;-)
    2) hull was telling danny about powers her family had similar to his. it was fun to envision danny learning about other gatemadges and their tales. he was going to learn how to refine his new powers.
    3) gatemadges had threatened others, so it was not something you could share with others...they would hurt you. he found a new friend who could now help him.

    -- charlie & keith

  5. I showed my mom "Letters From Wolfie" and we came up with some things about the book.
    1. I assumed that Wolfie was a wolf but when I started reading it turns out that Wolfie is a dog.
    2. My mom and I started talking about the purpose of scout dogs because Wolfie is becoming a scout dog. We predicted the story would be about the dog going to Vietnam for war and actually being able to write letters to Mark.
    3. I didn't quite know the word quavery so I guessed it meant talking in a tremmbley way. It turns out I was right

  6. My mom and I discussed:
    1. Harry's Aunt and Uncle don't treat him well because they are scared of harry's real mom and dad because they are magic and the Aunt and uncle were Muggles (people)
    2. The Dursley's don't let harry do or say magic because it scares them
    3.We feel sorry for harry potter, would you like to be treated this way?

  7. I showed my nanny Vanessa The Boxcar Children.
    As I was reading i took down some sticky notes to help me.

    1. I felt happy because Benny needed some help to put two words together to understand a message and Watch the dog put it together with his paw. Pg 113

    2. I pictured Jesse Cooking the potatoes because in the book Henry came home to Jesse cooking them. Pg. 115

    3. I was confused about the way they were cooking the potatoes because it says Jesse put wet papers around them and put them in the fire under the hot stones. Vanessa explained to me back in the day that is how they cooked them. Pg. 114

  8. I shared with my mom a passage from my book Hope was Here. Hope dose not live with her mom because her mom could not take care of her so hope lives her aunt. Hope has never met her dad and it made me wonder what would it be like without my dad? I would be really sad without my dad. Not knowing him at all would be terrible.

  9. My mom and I wear reading wizard at work
    1- there is three kids that wear bullying there teacher.
    2- we are confused! Because, tha older people has more experience ,
    And we have to respect them.
    I think criticize means scared.

  10. I read Miracle on 49th Street by Mike Lupica. And my Dad read A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. We took notes. Here are some pictures:

  11. I showed my dad the book: The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963
    1. Me and my dad talked about picturing Kenny pretending he's driving and honking when his dad is checking under the hood for oil and water.
    2. We were confused why Wilona needs to count how many times Daniel blinks and inhales. You don't need to be that picky.
    3. We pictured all the countless stars in the sky, when you are high up in the mountains, and the air is thin.

  12. We took some photos of us reading but could not upload them to Blogger. My dad said the author painted a good picture of the horse racing track outside of Paris that he would go to on the weekends. one off my post its was this. I feel excited because if their ruse gets caught onto they will be in very big trouble which is exciting because i like trouble

  13. J-Max was reading the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
    1rst sticky) TMMF petrified because Percy is about to get turned into a statue by Medusa.
    2nd sticky) I am confused because Annabeth is not using her invisibility cap to help Percy kill Medusa.

    Andy is reading Leading With The Heart by Mike Krzyzewski with Donald T. Phillips:

    This is my dad typing:
    Picture: I could picture the town of Chicago at sunset with boys running around playing basketball until it got dark -- tree line streets, the smell of early dinners in the air, and the feeling of innocence being a kid.

    Feel: Coach K showed early on how he did not take NO for an answer. A passage in the book talked about how at age 12, Coach K (head coach for Duke BB) formed a ad-hoc league all by himself and played organized teams on every Saturday at 2pm by calling the kids on the phone and telling them to meet at teh park. It made me feel inspired by his initiative and leadership and "get stuff done" type of attitude.....Taking action is the antidote for anxiety. ;-)

  14. We sat next to each other on my couch and read for12 minutes.then we made post-it's after that I shared mine with my mom the. She shared hers with me. My post-it was Mizz. Cha cha was going crazy about the ruby red slippers from wizard of oz. my moms was this makes me feel happy becauseIt is about seven kids and two of adults that are Mexican that moved to Texas to get freedom and then they got it.