Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Personal Migration

Tonight you'll have the opportunity to do the following.
  • open your eyes and pretend to travel anywhere in the world. 
  • your destination must be over 1500 miles round trip.
  • answer these questions. 
  1. Where do want to travel to?
  2. Why do you want to travel to this location?
  3. What forms of transportation will you take?
  4. When would you like to travel?
  5. What type of weather will you be dealing with?
  6. What will be some of your expenditures? (Meals, lodging, airfare, etc.) Estimate
  7. How could your travels relate to Science and/or Engineering?
  8. What type of conflicts may you encounter?
Off you write


  1. 1. The Amazon Rainforest
    2. It seems like an amazing and adventurous place that I've always wanted to see.
    3. I will take a 12 hour 40 minute airplane ride to get there
    4. I would like to travel in the summer because it would be hot and humid, which I like. Plus I wouldn't skip school.
    5. I would be dealing with tropical weather because it is so close to the equator and because it is a rainforest. For a rainforest, 5 days is a drought.
    6.The airfare, camping supplies and/or lodging
    7. Science because of all of the creatures that life there.
    8. It may be too expensive and weather could cancel the flight.

    1. the amazon sounds like a lot of fun

    2. I really like the idea of the amazon rainforest. One conflict I could see occurring is too many bug bites if you are not careful out in your adventure!

  2. Can you imagine the sights and sounds in the Amazon Rainforest? The restaurant probably doesn't do its justice; although the food is pretty good.

  3. 1. Greece
    2. I've always been interested in Greek Mythology and would like to learn as much as I can about it.
    3. 8-9 hour plane ride
    4. During the summer, because during school, would mean A LOT of makeup work!!!
    5. I would be dealing with maybe some hot weather and unlikely is there to be a storm in Greece in the summer.
    6. Meals, some airfare, and lodging.
    7. Engineering because of the architecture of the buildings in Greece, and science because of mythology.
    8. Buying tickets to see some ancient greek buildings

    1. I also have always wanted to go to greece for the same reason but there is a civil war going on so we haven't.

    2. sorry i got it wrong there is unrest not a civil war

    3. Wow! That sounds like a great place to go! Do you know whats funny? You aren't as interested in Greek Mythology anymore!!!!! Anyway, there was an unrest going on in Greece?

  4. Greece has always appealed to me. I imagine the rich history, climate, and food would bring about a package of delight. The engineering behind the Acropolis would be so cool and fascinating to learn. Thanks for sharing!

  5. 1.Japan, Niseko
    2.Because I like snow,cold weather and I go there to ski all the time.
    3. Car and Plane
    4. Near Christmas
    5. Cold weather and snow
    6. Meals, lodging and airfare.
    7. When you fly in a plane you use fuel and aerodynamics
    8. If it gets really cold it may cause a blizzard like in the book we are really in class about the weird Watsons

  6. 1. The United Kingdom
    2. I always have been interested in the history and they still have royal people there.
    3. Plane, double-decker bus.
    4. Sometime during the summer.
    5. partly cloudy and sunny.
    6. Plane ticket, transportation, food, a hotel/house, souvenirs, and tourist attraction tickets.
    7. Well, the plane is engineering and transportation. Steven Hocking lives in England is related to science. He studies about the black holes in outer space. Civil engineering is the architecture of hotels and homes.
    8. In the UK, it rains almost all the time. Planes that go to the UK can get delayed. The driver could be late so you have to take a bus. You can get food poisoning easily.

  7. 1. Hawaii
    2. I want to travel to Hawaii because I have never been there
    3.Plane, speed boat
    4. I want to travel to Hawaii in the summer
    5. I would like sunny weather when I go to Hawaii
    6. A plane or a speed boat is engineering
    7. The plane might come late or might have got damaged

    1. Hawaii is fun everyone loves it and there is a new Disney hotel on Oahu (Awahoo) thats near where I was!

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  9. 1. new york
    2. because it is a big city and lots of things happen their
    3. plane
    4. i want to travel in winter
    5. the coldness and bad air with the smog
    6. plain tickets food a hotel/house
    7. well if you are flying then they air is very cold because the earth wether is due from the sun but when you are flying you get way from the sun
    8. the plains can get stuck in new york because it is so cold so you mite have to get another ticket for a plain or take a bus from you to a other airport

    1. Ive always wanted to go to new york.

    2. New York sounds like a fun trip

  10. 1. texas
    2. I want to ride the horses
    3. I am going to get there by car then plane then bike then plane and one last plane.
    4. I would like to travel in for months 2014.
    5. going through new mexico is going to be hot, also going through Arizona.
    6. meals,lodging,airfare.
    7. It relates to math because you have to know how munch miles you are going to be traveling.
    8. if its to hot you can faint while driving.

  11. 1. Fiji
    2.I want to go to fiji because I have never been and it is beautiful.
    3. Cruise.
    4.Iwant to go to fiji in the spring.
    5.I would want a sunny and warm day.
    6. Cruise ticket,a beach house, and food and water.
    7. The plants and animals are science, and the cruise is engineering.
    8.the cruise might sink and there could be some sicknesses going on in fiji.

  12. 1 I would like to go to Paris France
    2 Because I have never been and I have been told it is real fun
    3 I will have to take a plane
    4 I will travel in the summer
    5 I will have warm weather
    6 Airfare, hotel, food, adventures. It should cost about $8,200
    7 I am going to visit the Eiffel Tower to see the engineering.
    8 There might be a heat wave

  13. 1. Thailand.
    2. Because when we were in Qatar we always wanted to go and because i want to ride the elephants.
    3. By plane which will take 32 hours and 55 minutes including layover.
    4. In the spring because it warm but not overly hot.
    5. Monsoons because in the late spring early summer its monsoon season.
    6. food, airfare, money for activities and lodging
    7. The wildlife and the temples are science.
    8. We could run into Monsoons which might delay or cancel the flight.

    1. some family friends visited from Qatar and they said it was like 135 degrees F.

  14. 1. London
    2. Because my dad goes there, and I always ask him how it went and it always sounds like fun.
    3. I would go by airplane
    4. I would go in the summer because it would be warm in most places and I like it when its warm.
    5. In England in the summertime it is usually warm.
    6. Airfare, hotel, food, drinks, souvenirs, and tours.
    7. The plane was engineered and built, and the animals that live in England are all part of nature.
    8. I could have a conflict with the person at the hotel about the room.

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