Saturday, August 30, 2014


Done with Week 1. Congratulations on a successful week. I felt that the classroom norms and rules were established quite quickly amongst the students. Our new laptops are working beautifully. The room is beginning to build new character and Fireball life. Two students are working hard on designing the classroom flag. I can't wait for their final product. 

Reading: We continue to build stamina, fluency, and engagement. The students are expected to read 15-20 minutes each night. On Tuesday each student will get their reading log which requires a parent signature. It's a white sheet attached to their reading comp. book. Please sign it after your child reads. This week we'll cover the following. 

  • Introducing books that will create a buzz
  • Choosing texts that matter
  • Learning new words from text
  • Help Readers read differently because they're in partnerships
Writing: Personal Narrative 
  • Help my writers to jot down moments in life that have been turning points in their life
  • Help my writers climb inside the elements of narrative: setting, conflict, plot, resolution and characters
  • Help my writers read great stories in order to write great stories 
  • Help my writers climb inside the SKIN of a character
  • Extend and deepen skills
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Arrays
  • Fact Families
  • Multiplication Factor Pairs
Classical Roots: The students will receive their new book on Tuesday
  • cylone, recycle, semicircle, and unicylce- Lesson 1
  • Students will be tested on words, spelling, part of speech, root word, and syllables every Friday
  • Students may take home their books to study
  • Students may also go to Quizlet under Star Sites tab. Quizlet houses all the words for every lesson
Public Speaking: September is dedicated to eye-contact
  • Using good eye contact. Scanning the room to look at all audience members is important
  • Three new prompts are up on the PS tab. Take a look
  • Students will be selected randomly to deliver a 1 minute presentation on Thursday and Friday
  • Notes aren't encouraged
Social Studies: FIRST AMERICANS The students will work on...
  • Organize a chart for note taking based on geography, climate, shelter, tools and utensils, food, and clothing
  • Examine different American Indian Customs: wampum, Kachina Dolls, Potlatch, and Lacrosse
  • Answer the common ways of life that developed among American Indian cultures 
  • The students will continue to deepen their Inquiry question that drives their desire to research and explore a particular topic. 
Songs to Learn and Sing:
  • Passion Pit "Carried Away"
  • Beach House "Myth"
  • ABBA "Super Trouper"

Great Mind's Quotes: "Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain." - Mark Twain

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