Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Congratulations on your family name!

Tonight you have the opportunity to work on the following...

  • Think about your class name. What does it mean to you?
  • What goals should the class try to conquer this year?
  • How will Frederick's Fireballs be different from previous classes?
Off you write!


  1. 1. A powerful strong ball of light
    2. Speaking and performing in public
    3. We are different because we will do things no other can do!

  2. 1. A powerful, heated, and strong ball.
    2. Performing with confidence, and reading out loud with expression.
    3. We are different because we will concur things no other class has concurred before.

  3. Kyle and Sofia, thanks for responding to the prompt. What do you mean in your response for #3? Please be more specific if possible.

  4. 1. strong and fierce
    2. being a stronger family and to have respect for their class mates
    3.because we are all different people we do different things in our class and have a different name and flag

  5. 1. To me it means that we will shine hot and bright.
    2. To try as hard as we can in every aspect and to step outside our comfort zone
    3. We will be unique and do things differently and have a different family.

  6. 1. A group of people who can shine with light.
    2.Speaking in public and performing in front of others.
    3. we will be different because we will be stronger and brighter.

  7. 1. My classname means to me that, when the fireball goes faster, we grow stronger and smarter.
    2. A goal I want to accomplish this year is to overcome the fear of performing in front of millions of people, and gathering courage and speaking in public with everybody listening to me.
    3. As a class, we will be different from the past classes by our courage, and brightness.

    1. I also suffer from stage fright, but a tip is to know that everyone else is singing, or dancing, or speaking, so you can too.

  8. 1. The name Frederick's Fireballs says that we will blaze harder and harder through the year. It also means we will try to overcome any challenge as best we can.
    2. One of the goals I want to accomplish is to be less shy when preforming. I also want to work on trusting myself and not being afraid of making mistakes.
    3. I think we will be different because we are all willing to be brave and courageous when others can't. Also, we are not afraid to express ourselves (we are a very extroverted class!)

  9. I think the Frederick Fireballs are strong and like fireballs are they can go through anything.
    I think we could try to come closer as a family.
    Well no class is ever the same and this year the Frederick Fireballs will try our hardest.

  10. The Frederick Fireballs means that we are full of energy and ready to conquer the year.
    This year our class should try to work together, try our best, and have a voice.
    We will be different because we have different members in our family.